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Madele Moroccan Rug 3'2" x 7'4"

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$295.91 $591.82 | Free Shipping
Natural Fiber
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Each rug is intricately handwoven by skilled Moroccan artisans.

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Moroccan rugs are typically made from high-quality, natural fibers.

Berberorugs takes proactive measures to neutralize carbon emissions resulting from the shipping and packaging on this purchase.

Berberorugs Fair Trade program: we proudly offer exquisitely crafted Moroccan rugs, each telling a unique story. Collaborating with the best artisans in Morocco, we ensure that every purchase directly supports skilled craftsmen and their communities

Madele Moroccan Rug 3'2" x 7'4"

An unparalleled vintage masterpiece, carefully crafted by by Berber Tribesin the Boucherouite style using upcycled textiles. Measurements: 3'2"X 7'4" (99 cm x 225 cm), 

While this rug has been treated with expertcleaning, signs of its rich history and handmade nature, such as wear and minorinconsistencies, remain evident.


Rug Type:

  • Moroccan rug


  • New

Main Color:

  • Multicolor

Rug Style

  • Hand-knotted Rug

Unique masterpiece—sole piece in stock! Crafted from 100% wool pile on a cotton foundation.

Featuring a one-sided fringe and a plush pile.

A vibrant multicolor palette adds to its allure.

These rugs are cherished for their expressive design and artisanal construction, where freeform edges gracefully meander and wiggle, unrestricted by the limitations of mass production.

Interpreting the motifs of Moroccan rugs is akin to deciphering an enigmatic painting or poem. Lacking a definitive key, these woven masterpieces invite subjective interpretations. Originating from a tradition of personal use, these rugs encapsulate months of meticulous craftsmanship, capturing a weave of events and emotions in the life of the artisan.

Region of Origin:
Azilal rugs boast abstract, painterly designs reminiscent of rugs from Ourika. What sets them apart is a vibrant color palette, achieved through the incorporation of cotton alongside wool..

Material details:
Sourced locally, Moroccan wool produces a dense, sturdy pile that feels soft and fluffy underfoot. While a touch of shedding is natural, it's a small price to pay for the cherished wild, tousled texture of the high pile—a comfort beloved for its durability, longevity, and the soft embrace it offers with every step.

Maintaining the integrity of your rug is essential to its longevity. Instead of letting dust and dirt compromise its fibers, follow these care instructions:
Monthly Refresh:
Give your rug a breath of fresh air by taking it outside and giving it a good shake once a week. If it's sizable, enlist a friend to make the process easier. Don't forget to place a rug pad underneath; it acts as a shield against ground-in dirt.

Gentle Vacuuming:
If shaking isn't feasible, opt for gentle vacuuming. Avoid rotary vacuums, as they can harm the fibers. Use the suction attachment from side to side once or twice a month. Occasionally, flip the rug and vacuum the back for comprehensive cleanliness.

Sunbathe for Renewal:
Annually, treat your rug to a sunbathing session. Hang it in direct sunlight for a few hours, flipping it midway through to ensure both sides get exposure. This natural sun-bleaching not only sanitizes but also revitalizes the wool.

Professional Hand-Washing:
Every 3-5 years, entrust your rug to a Moroccan rug expert for professional hand-washing. Avoid steam or dry cleaning, as these methods can damage the rug. Hand-washing involves pH-balanced shampoo, applied by hand with a soft brush, and thorough rinsing.


Madele Moroccan Rug 3'2" x 7'4"

$295.91 $295.91

Madele Moroccan Rug 3'2" x 7'4"

$295.91 $295.91

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Vintage Charm: Stories Woven in Time

Discover the allure of vintage charm with this vintage rugs. This rug carries a sense of history and character, adding depth to your decor.

Handcrafted Moroccan Rugs Infused with Cultural Splendor

Discover the unrivaled beauty of handmade Moroccan rugs, woven with the cultural richness and expertise of the Moroccan tribe. Unlike mass-produced industrial rugs, our creations resonate with authenticity and soul, reflecting the intricate patterns and vibrant hues drawn from centuries of tradition and spiritual significance.

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Customer Reviews

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Alexandra Quezada
Beautiful quality rug!

If you ever need a rug, this is the store to purchase from. Amazing customer service, easy shipping and good quality.

Isabelle Granger
love the rug so much,

This carpet is gorgeous and exactly as described, good quality,nice and thick! Very pleased with this purchase! ❤️

This rug is very nice! I love it

The rug came remarkably quickly. I enjoyed watching its journey on Etsy’s tracking page. It was just a as beautiful as it looked online. I’m very happy with the quality. It is soft and feels great under foot - particularly with a 1/4 inch rug pad.

The rug was beautiful

Love our rug!! Came exactly as I imagined and I would definitely order again in the future.

Belinda Malina
thank you customer

This item is exactly as pictured and it's perfect. The condition is unbelievable and it arrived so quickly. I'm in love with it!

absolutely stunning

Wonderful rug! Exactly as pictured. Extraordinary colors and design! Lightning-fast shipping from Morocco to California! Will be a really cool addition to my teenage son’s bedroom. Many thanks for the beautiful vintage Moroccan rug!! ✨💥/Users/ann/Desktop/etsy/IMG_6863.jpeg

Love this rug, great color

this rug is even more beautiful in person, which i did not imagine possible. so lush, so vibrant, so comfortable. i love it so much - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Judith Asu
Amazing rug

That's the best rug I have ever ordered, it is soo cosy, soft, comfortable and thick, clean and of very good quality. I'm very happy with it and it makes the room so comfortable. I already ordered a second one. This shop has a very fine and beautiful selection ♥️

Cami Watkins
We are so, so happy

This rug is beautiful and very high quality! Exceeded all my expectations!

Good quality

Amazing rug! It’s so high quality and beautiful! We also really appreciated the pillow covers!