At Berberorugs, our journey began with an unwavering belief: that within the humblest natural fibers lies the essence of pure beauty. We embarked on this path fueled by the conviction that patience nurtures the finest creations, and that there's profound joy in the embrace of a thoughtfully adorned home.

With hearts brimming with optimism, we delved into the realm of products that resonate with our souls. Guided by passion, we sought out artisans and partners who shared our reverence for tradition and craftsmanship. Together, we meticulously handcraft rugs and decorative treasures, each infused with a rich tapestry of heritage and allure.

Now, we stand ready to share these exquisite pieces with you, each one a testament to the timeless allure of Moroccan artistry and the boundless beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

We are a team with offices in Marrakech, London and San Francisco. Bonded by our passion for craft and heritage, we transcend geographic boundaries, relying on technology to bridge gaps and keep our connection alive.

In the small town of Ourika, 30 km southeast of Marrakech, our artisans work tirelessly in Berbero studio, using their know-how and creativity to create personalized rugs that carry the essence of your vision. Also, we scour small towns across the region to find authentic vintage rugs, each bearing the marks of time, ranging from 30 to 100 years old.

As we move forward, our philosophy remains steadfast. We believe that the process of acquiring a beautiful, meticulously crafted, authentic rug should be as smooth as the threads woven into its fabric. Through our commitment to transparency and affordability, we continue to uphold our values, ensuring that every rug, whether newly made or vintage, arrives at your door without any unnecessary mark-ups.

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