Ines Cactus Silk Rug 7'5" x 5'1"

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$403.52 $807.04 | Free Shipping
Natural Fiber
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Each rug is intricately handwoven by skilled Moroccan artisans.

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Moroccan rugs are typically made from high-quality, natural fibers.

Berberorugs takes proactive measures to neutralize carbon emissions resulting from the shipping and packaging on this purchase.

Berberorugs Fair Trade program: we proudly offer exquisitely crafted Moroccan rugs, each telling a unique story. Collaborating with the best artisans in Morocco, we ensure that every purchase directly supports skilled craftsmen and their communities

Step into the world of natural luxury with our exquisite cactus silk rugs 🤍These stunning floor coverings, also known as 'Sabara' rugs, are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and rich heritage of Moroccan artisans.Our cactus silk rugs are created from the fibers of the Saharan Aloe Vera cactus, producing a unique, silky texture that is both durable and sumptuously soft. Each rug is dyed using natural, 

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  • Multicolor

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Handcrafted Moroccan Rugs Infused with Cultural Splendor

Discover the unrivaled beauty of handmade Moroccan rugs, woven with the cultural richness and expertise of the Moroccan tribe. Unlike mass-produced industrial rugs, our creations resonate with authenticity and soul, reflecting the intricate patterns and vibrant hues drawn from centuries of tradition and spiritual significance.

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